These photographs are first and foremost a method and a desire for investigation. That of surveying and observing the territory with techniques that require attentiveness. Photographs are the result of an investigation whose work focuses primarily on territories and urbanities, their forms and stories. From wide horizons to the space around oneself, scales are crossed for an intimate and political reading of the territories crossed and inhabited.


Solène Hoffmann is a photographer and architect (Éav&t, IUAV, EPFL), working both for her own practice and at Archizoom (Lausanne) as production manager and cultural mediator.  Her analogue work focuses on the intersecting scales between large territories, architecture, bodies and the everyday through the series of images. At Archizoom, Solène is mandated for the photographs and scenography of the exhibition Matière Ultime (2022). She also participated in the production of numerous exhibitions such as the Lisbon Triennial, The Poetics of Reason (2019), Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low, Actions from Matrix Feminist Cooperative (2021) or Sympoiesis, Arts of practices in the ecological city (2023). She is co-founder of the association les entrevues de l'architecture with which she organized the festival of architecture and cinema, Un sentiment d'étrangeté at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris and at the BAP in Versailles in 2019.

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